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SCCE Compliance Auditing & Monitoring Conference

All session times are in Central Daylight Time (CDT)
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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

8:55 AM CDT – 10:00 AM CDTWelcome and Announcements
Don’t Let Red Flags Go Undetected: Anti-corruption Compliance Auditing
Juliette Gust
President, Ethics Suite
8:55 AM CDT – 10:00 AM CDTWelcome and Announcements
Is Your Hotline Hot? Discovering Tools for Auditing and Monitoring
J. Veronica Xu
Chief Compliance Officer, Saber Healthcare Group
10:00 AM CDT – 10:15 AM CDTBreak
10:15 AM CDT – 11:15 AM CDTYou Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure: How Compliance Can Seize Business Benefits and Meet Regulator Expectations from Establishing, Monitoring, and Auditing ESG MetricsAnita Woodhouse
Chief Compliance Officer, V-Square Qualitative Management, LLC

Michele Edwards
Partner, StoneTurn Group

Marnie Gucciard, CPA/CFF, CFE, MSA
Director, Global Ethics & Compliance, Sims Limited
10:15 AM CDT – 11:15 AM CDTProactive Auditing and Monitoring – Ways to Ensure Your Compliance Program Is EffectiveShelly Denham
SVP, Compliance, Risk & Audit Services, UofL Health, Inc.

Jason Marsh
Director, Compliance, Risk and Audit Services, UofL Health
11:15 AM CDT – 11:30 AM CDTBreak
11:30 AM CDT – 12:30 PM CDTCompliance Auditing – Three Objectives ApproachGrzegorz Kostrzewski
Director, Internal Audit, Renewable Energy Group
11:30 AM CDT – 12:30 PM CDTAuditing & Monitoring the Deep Dive – Breaking the Cycle While Improving ProcessAshley Blackwood
Manager, Compliance, MIMEDX
12:30 PM CDT – 1:15 PM CDTMid-Conference Break
1:15 PM CDT – 2:15 PM CDTEffective KPI Dashboards and Compliance MetricsDawn Gresham
Director of Acquisition Policy, Commerce
1:15 PM CDT – 2:15 PM CDTWhen Crossing the Line Is a Good Thing: The Role of Compliance and Collaboration in the Three Lines ModelDestin Harcus
Executive Director, AdventHealth

Dhara Satija
Director, Paul Hastings LLP

Matthew Vogelien
Division Corporate Responsibility Officer, AdventHealth
2:15 PM CDT – 2:30 PM CDTBreak
2:30 PM CDT – 3:30 PM CDTReal-Time Transaction Monitoring: Satisfying Regulatory Expectations of Immediate Detection of WrongdoingLucy Wang
Director, Anti-Fraud Initiatives, The Center For Audit Quality

Jenna Voss
Partner, Forensic Risk Alliance

Mihnea Sebastian Rotariu
Risk and Compliance Analytics Director, Lextegrity
2:30 PM CDT – 3:30 PM CDTDeveloping an Audit Engagement Scope and Approach: Audit Skills 2.0James Rose
Managing Director, SunHawk Consulting LLC